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Whether it's Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, it's our passion to see new Christians
connected with a community that contributes to their faith journey.




Our music and video content is just the starting point for people looking to discover more about Jesus. With social media being the first place people head to when they want to ask questions about Jesus, we aim to be that first point of contact to those who have just become Christians or who haven't quite made the decision yet.

We've seen amazing growth in this part of our ministry in a very short time as people respond to our video content, and by building up a network of churches around the UK we're able to link up new Christians with people in their area that can help them grow in their faith.


With over 200,000 views on our videos, thousands of shares and people coming to know the Lord every day, our Facebook ministry brings people in with thought provoking videos and build conversations through it's messenger service. Our team will then search for a local church to connect them with, continuing their journey with Christ.


Reaching a younger audience, our Instagram ministry is built around short pieces of content in various form - challenging, engaging and encouraging young people in their faith. 


Our Youtube channel is all about providing resources for church groups, evangelists and anyone who wants to be encouraged and challenged in their faith. .

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