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March 6th, 2020

Some of you may have noticed from our previous news that Crossfya have been invited to a ‘closed’ country to do a mission. I can clarify that the country we have been invited to is Russia. This really is quite an incredible opportunity. Every other evangelist and ministry I know working in Russia has either been kicked out, suffered persecution or had doors close on them.

Last year, after praying for God to open new doors for us a team we received an invite out of the blue to go to Russia and reach out to thousands of young people. Initially we wondered how this could possibly happen. Through God’s grace we are in a position where the Russian government are in the process of sending us an official invite to share the gospel on a religious visa. This is like gold-dust in evangelistic terms. With that invite/visa we will be able to share the good news freely with many who otherwise would not hear it.

Our first trip is planned for April, and we have also been invited to go back in August to another area of the country. We believe that once we have done one mission trip many more doors will open up across the country.

We obviously want to share this news with you as our supporters so you can pray with us for these opportunities. However please can we ask that you do not share news this on any public websites (eg Facebook / instagram / or church websites).

Please pray for:

-The paperwork for the official invitation to be completed quickly and with no problems
-The logistics of applying for the visas and visiting the embassy in the UK to collect them
-The plans for the first trip from 19th-27th April to be as fruitful as possible
-Doors to be opened for future mission trips across the country
-Young people’s hearts and souls to be prepared to hear the good news we will share
-The finances to pay for the mission. We have taken a faith step of over £4,000, as we believe this is an opportunity we cannot afford to not do. If you would like to give please use the button below.

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Thanks for all your prayer and support. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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