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June 29th, 2020

Exciting news!  We are in the final process of the paperwork to get the keys to our new HQ! It is an amazing building in the centre of Oldham and will enable us to have a purpose built video studio, recording studio, office space and potential to grow missional opportunities across the town and local area.

We have got a great deal on the building and God-willing we will be moving by July. We will then spend 3 months refurbishing the building to make it suitable. Can you help? If you can spare time to strip wallpaper, paint or if you have skills as a tradesperson we would love to hear from you. Maybe if you are on furlough you could consider volunteering some time to help us create this new missional base?

Our online videos continue to reach many people. We have had hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of engagements.
Hundreds of people have messaged us asking for prayer and guidance.
Over 150 have committed their life to Christ! We then link them with local churches.

This week we have also started a Facebook group for those that respond to help nurture and disciple them, as well as a weekly Zoom bible study - comments include "please teach me how to pray",  "there is so much I want to learn about God", "how do I become a Christian?"
Please continue to pray for this incredible outreach opportunity:
- More gifted workers to be called to join us and help to engage with those who are responding every day
- An increase in salvations (we are seeing several every day)
- The new Facebook group to grow and help these new believers to thrive in their faith
- The Zoom bible study to be effective and powerful
- Creativity as we develop new video content
- Funding to pay for it all

We hope you are as encouraged as us about the current responses we are seeing.
The harvest really is plentiful and the workers few.

We have always lived by faith, however our finances are very stretched at present. We get around £2,500 each month in regular donations, but we need that to be £10,000 to cover wages, rent, overheads etc. All our missional costs are still on top of this.

Please pray that God stirs more people to support us regularly. Being based in one of the most deprived towns in the UK gives great opportunities but it does make funding a National ministry difficult.

Thanks for all your support and prayer - every penny given is used to make Jesus known to a world that urgently needs to hear it. Thanks again

If you would like to donate please click here

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