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Faith Gang is our exciting new resource to help young people become sold out followers of Jesus. An interactive 6 week video course to be used after a Crossfya mission, in a school or with your youth group. Kickstart a multiplying movement of young people sharing their faith online and in their schools.

We want to see a MOVEMENT of young people who are committed to living ALL out for JESUS and bringing change to their world.



Fast paced short videos from our iTruth app, discussion questions and challenges to post on instagram #thefaithgang

Your young people will receive a free poster on their first week, keyring on their third week and a t-shirt once they have completed the course!

Faith Gang members stay connected through the community on instagram

Further short videos on the iTruth app to continue the group

The initial course is easy to repeat that even the youth can lead one with their friends

Easy to download videos or play from YouTube

Gospel magazine (coming soon)

Our band, Crossfya, offer Faith Gang schools tours to kickstart your group!

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