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Kickstart a movement of young people in your local school and church.

Thought provoking questions, engaging video content and social media

challenges throughout a six week course

Forming a bond

through faith

The Faith Gang course is our way of following up with young people who

want to know more after a school visit or concert. Our course coordinator

works with local churches or youth leaders covering the basics of

Christianity, and encouraging them to make a decision for Jesus.

A kickstart to your new life

The Faith Gang course is presented by the Crossfya gang, and covers topics

such as 'Who is God?', "What does it mean to be forgiven', and 'Being a part of the Christian family'. If you've just decided to give your life to Jesus, this is a great way to

understand the basics, and you can take it by yourself online, or as part of a Faith

Gang in your local youth group.

Be the change in someone's life

Alongside the six main episodes we provide extra resources for youth leaders

who want to lead a Faith Gang at their church, local school, or anywhere else.

Session plans, giveaways and extra training & support are all available

to those who would like to partner with us in leading a course.

"The young people loved being a part of Faith Gang!

We saw a change in them and had all sort of

conversations about faith."

- Sean Pickering

SP Project, Sunderland